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Thursday 7 Friday 8 Sunday 10

A bridge between art and music

Held on Friday 8 and Sunday 10, the Nights represent a moment of effervescence offering a complete experience of Les Garages Numériques during which digital and electronic cultures merge. They are the heart of the festival’s artistic representation, blending styles and aesthetics and propelling the audience into the heart of innovation until dawn. Participants are plunged into a unique festive universe inside which they can discover performances and live sets while at the same time visiting the exhibition dedicated to digital arts.

The music programming will be divided into two different rooms. The first one, the Main Room, is the great hall of the Bourse with a capacity of about 1.200 people, where all the headliners will be playing. The second one, a smaller room with a capacity of a 100 people, will be dedicated to ambient music («3D Sound Room»).

During the Opening Night on Thursday 7, one of the highlights of the festival, an artistic project - a live audiovisual performance - by two prominent figures representing the aesthetic of Les Garages Numériques will be presented in an ideal setting: the great hall of the Bourse of Brussels.

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