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]unframed[ panel talk on ArtScience curated by Ohme

Thursday 7

The panel will bring in different points of view on the topic of art and science collaborations, to tackle questions such as what does it mean to build bridges between artistic and scientific disciplines, especially in this society of hyper specialization and fragmentation? What does it make a collaboration between artist and scientist successful? How to present the outcomes of this collaborations to our audiences, playing the key role of mediators in sensible and meaningful way? The goal is to offer a moment of reflection about a topic that is living a particularly “hype” moment, but it is often misinterpreted and misunderstood: with this panel talk, we aim at contributing in “dispelling the fog” and shed a light on the how and why these collaborations, partnership and encounters are beneficiary for all parties involved as well as for the general public. Speakers: Anne-Marie Maes, Eric Kluitenberg, Lorenzo Gerbi, Jennifer Wong. Moderation: Camilla Colombo.

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