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Singularité(s)/Tech / Kosice / Slovaquie

Thursday 7

The Singularity (s) / Tech group returns to the exhibition of their VR work «14.12.2017: † Neutrality of the Net in the United States †» at the Tabacka KulturFabrik in Slovakia which will have taken place a few days before Garages Numériques, of 24 October 30. After having been the cultural capital of 2013, Kosice, the second Slovak city became a member of «UNESCO creative cities», in this context that KulturFabrik launched a program between Art / Science and Technology entitled Art'n'Tech, program that the group Singularité (s) was invited to join. Reviews on a fresh experience so to answer the following questions: what is the art and digital news encountered by the group in Slovakia? How did the Slovak public react to a Belgian work on net neutrality and digital freedoms? Speakers: Léa Rogliano, Christophe Boucher, Katrien Van Cappellen.

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