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Roly Porter ft. MFO

Thursday 7

Roly Porter ft. FMO present KISTVEAN : Kistvaen is a performance piece that contrasts primordial motifs, the seasons, sun and moon, gods and magic, with those of the 21st century, life in designed environments and evolving virtual existence. Central to the piece are Kists, Neolithic burial sites located in Dartmoor, England, and the songs of burial ritual, which will be sung live by expert vocalists. The music, composed by Roly Porter, blurs the boundaries between field recording, folk instrumentation and digital sound processing, while Marcel Weber’s scenography overlays stage and lighting effects with cinematic imagery. Filmed at various original locations across the Northern Hemisphere, they evoke timeless inner feelings, pictures from the subconscious: shadowy creatures in the night, bright morning lights or majestic heights engulfed in fast-paced clouds. Our pagan roots and technology driven present are inextricably interwoven. This piece is a co-commission between Berlin Atonal, MIRA and Unsound festivals.

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