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Baron Lanteigne


«Nature Morte» is a project which aims at questioning our relationships with screens and the virtual world. The sculpture serves as a portal which allows the spectator to cross from one world to another through a game of perspectives. Nature Morte is a contemporaneous appropriation of the art style which bears the same name. Screens are arranged in such a way as to symbolize their obsolescence in the near-future, when they will be replaced by the immaterial. The project is focused on the materiality of this technology which is dedicated to the access to the virtual. Created entirely from consumer tech, «Nature Morte» expose the hidden potential of a technology which is often trivialized due to its omnipresence. The retro-futurist aesthetic also presents an opportunity to exaggerate the volume of space this technology takes in the physical world in order to comment on its increasing presence in our daily lives. Baron Lanteigne will be making the trip from Canada in order to set up his installation in situ.

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