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Case Study : Bruxelles, The Grand Place to Be

Thursday 7

Vinciane Godfrind from the Museum of the City of Brussels will be presenting the brand new virtual reality experience from the Museum in collaboration with UNESCO's Historical Heritage cell, «The Grand Place to Be». On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the inscription of the Grand-Place of Brussels on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Museum of the City of Brussels and the Historical Heritage Cell offer an unprecedented exhibition on this emblematic site of Brussels architecture. An unprecedented virtual reality experience: the bombing of the Grand-Place in 1695. As in a machine to go back in time, the user finds himself in the 17th century square. He can observe the different houses, the Town Hall, the King's House ... buildings very different from those he could see before entering the museum. Suddenly, a cannonball falls on the pavement, the shock is intense. There, a wooden house is burning ... Night falls, ashes fly. The user really lives the bombing of 1695.

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