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Anna Peiffer

Saturday 9

Anna Peiffer is a PhD Student in the Neuropsychology and Functional Neuroimaging Research Unit (UR2NF) and the Laboratiore de Cartographie Cérébrale (LCFC) at the ULB. After compelling her master in neuropsychology at the UCL, Anna was hired as a PhD Student at the ULB Neurosciences Institute to investigate how brain intrinsic functional architecture predicts learning abilities through human development. Recently, she obtained a grant to pursue her research projects on the developemental differences involved in learning mecanisms and the impact of sleep on it, by using MEG, MRI and H-EEG recordings. Therefore, since almost 3 years, Anna took part in multiple research projects and gained expertise in the developmental impact of sleep and brain oscillation on memory and learning processes at the ULB. She will be talking about brainwaves on «Abscisse» by Bots Conspiracy during ]unframed[ Close up.

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